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Can my piggie get fleas?

Unlike dogs and cats, piggies don’t pick up fleas.

Can they be housetrained?
Most piggies will already come house trained but you can train your pig very easily as they go to the bathroom in the same spot every time. You can use a kitty litter box (never with litter made for cats) only pine shavings, newspaper, wee-wee pads or taking them outside.

Will they socialize with other animals?
YES! Pigs are very social animals. They will live quite happily with any other pets you may have. It is important to select a breeder that will handle and play with your piglet before he/she is placed in their new home. Here at NY Teacup Piggies your piggie will be around other pets before going to their new forever home.

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Time for a grooming?

A pig can be bathed in the sink or bathtub. Place a non-slip mat under them so they don’t slide around and become nervous. They should not be bathed more than once a month to prevent their skin from drying out. You can also use a warm washcloth between baths.  They love to be brushed and have
lotion or baby oil applied to their skin.



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Which gender makes a better pet?
Neutered males and spayed females make equally wonderful, loving pets.

How long do miniature pigs live?
A miniature pig with proper care will live between 13-20 years.


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