Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located in Elizabeth, NJ.

Q: How big will my piggie get as an adult?

A: We estimate our piglets adult size based on their parents length and height and from documented growth rates from past litters. All of our adults are under 14 inches tall.

Q:​Which gender makes a better family pet?
A: Neutered males and spayed females make equally wonderful, loving pets.

Q: How much does shipping cost?

A: Shipping is an additonal $250.

Q: Can i come visit the piglets before i purchase?

A: Yes! but we are now reqiring a deposit before an appoinment is made. We are in-home breeders and do not own a farm or store front so we want to make sure we have a serious buyer for one of our sweet babies before so many people handle them.

There is also a waiting list for appointments.

​Q: How do i reserve a piggie?

A: You can leave a deposit right though our website safely and securly using paypal.

Q: What is included in your adoption fee?

A: Your piggie will come with a full set of vaccinations, 2 deworming treatments, hoofs filed, a blanket, and a bag of food.

Q: How soon can i take my piggie home?

A: New piggie families can take thier baby home when he/she is 6-8 weeks old as long as we have the ok from our veternarian and they are fully weaned and eating hard food on thier own.

Q:  How long do miniature pigs live?
A: A miniature pig with proper care will live between 13-20 years.


Q: Will they socialize with other animals?
A: YES! Pigs are very social animals. They will live quite happily with any other pets you may have. It is important to select a breeder that will handle and play with your piglet before he/she is placed in their new home. Here at NY Teacup Piggies your piggie will be around other pets before going to their new forever home.

Frequently Asked Questions About NY Teacup Piggies

The best pet a family can get!

Q: Can they be housetrained?
A: Most piggies will already come house trained but you can train your pig very easily as they go to the bathroom in the same spot every time. You can use a kitty litter box (never with litter made for cats) only pine shavings, newspaper, wee-wee pads or taking them outside.

Q: Are pigs hypoallergenic?

A: Yes! pigs are hypoallergenic. 

Q: Can my piggie stay home alone, while I'm at work?

A: Yes! Piggies will do a whole lot of sleeping, when you're gone. Make sure that your piggie has enough water to last until you get in.

Q: How are the piggies priced?

A: Piggies are priced based on litter size, color, markings and their rarity. 

Q: Will my piggie come home spayed/neutered?

A: No, we do not spay or neuter our piggies before they go to their forever homes. Our piggies are so petite they are too small to safely undergo the procedure just yet, it is best to consult your veterinarian.