The best pet a family can get!

IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT YOU FOLLOW THE FEEDING SCHEDULE WE GIVE YOU EXACTLY! WE SUGGEST USING A MEASURING CUP TO ASSURE YOUR BABY IS GETTING THE CORRECT AMOUNT. IF YOU OVER FEED YOUR PIGLET AND THEY COSUME OVER THIER CAPACITY THEY CAN DEVELOP SERIOUS DIGESTION OR INTESTINAL PROBLEMS OR EVEN GO BLIND! In the future your baby can start showing signs of painful arthritis because of access weight pushing on his/her small bones. you can also not give your baby piglet any less then what we suggest as we do not tolerate starvation. This is a custom feeding plan based on our pigs height and length approved by our vet.  Pigs never feel a "full sensation" while or after eating that's why they are called pigs. Please contact us with any questions! A HEALTHY PIG IS A HAPPY PIG!!

Feeding & care: what does their diet consist of?

Pigs love to eat what else is new? and the proper type and amount of food he/she gets is very important!!!! We feed our piggies a brand called Mazuri, it is a special pellet that is designed specifically for mini pigs. We highly recommend it! It is available at farm supply stores like Tractor Supply Co. or online at A baby piglet will also need to eat fresh vegetables like carrots, lettuce and celery. For training a small food pellet or veggie is perfect. ALWAYS have plenty of fresh water for your piggy to drink. Feed your piggie at least twice a day. The amount will depend on your pigs metabolism and activity level. Each pig is different.